Pontcha Surf Club 

is a brand and community that promotes a regional revelation of surf lifestyle through art, apparel, and Louisiana surf. Visit our website.

Photographed in an atmosphere of unrefined New Orleans haze, and inspired by the industrial aesthetic of the Mississippi River’s largest shipping corridor, None Finer is a concept photo-zine created in collaboration with DNO and the Thomas Brothers, expertly printed by Constance.

Available for purchase here.

‘de Wolf’ is a small project in photo curation using photos from the archive of a photographer (Nick Dewolf) that was more well-known as an engineer. His photographic works are being expertly and thoroughly archived by his son-in-law Steve on Flickr.

While searching for obscure photos of New Orleans, and inevitably a perspective that I personally connected with, I happened upon Nick’s work. He was a Bostonian, and later spent his days in Aspen (what you see below is what appears to be family and holiday gatherings in Boston and central Maine).

Nick documented his days tirelessly, and seemingly with much joy. I think what I like most about photography is the window it gives you into the spirit of the photographer. In seeing what other people choose to photograph, and how they uniquely photograph and portray their subjects, I see through to something more delicate — a personality, a quirk, a feeling. In this way, finding a favorite photographer is like finding a good friend.